September 18, 2013

1 Year of Inter Partes Review…By the Numbers

The 1 year anniversary of Inter Partes Review proceedings passed two days ago, and Harness IP has the most up to date information on trends and statistics from that first year. Here is our 1 Year Report on Inter Partes Review practice.

It is clear that the most prominent headline regarding the America Invents Act is how wildly popular inter partes review proceedings have become. Praised for its efficiency, effectiveness, and low cost, as compared to district court litigation, the patent community is flocking to the Patent Office to challenge troublesome patents.  To that end, in the first year of IPR practice, 485 petitions seeking inter partes review have been filed.  Consider the face of patent litigation changed forever, and Patent Office litigation here to stay.  Email us at with any questions or comments about, or would like a hard copy of, our quarterly report.