November 14, 2016

Harness IP Elevates IP for Aerospace and Defense Clients

It’s no secret that Harness IP had its start in 1921 as a firm that prepared and prosecuted patents for the auto industry.  Today, as one of the top ten intellectual property firms in the country, the firm is proud to count a number of auto makers and OEMs among our clients.  We would not have come this far, though, if we had not diversified our services and industry reach.

Recently, we brought together a number of attorneys who have experience in the aerospace and defense industries.  This newly formed group has been serving clients and providing research for years.  Our team has experience with a wide range of technologies ranging from launch vehicles to electronic systems for large commercial aircraft to helicopters, rocket fairings, satellite systems and beyond.  We have an attorney who worked on the patent rights for space stations, one who is an adjunct at RAND, and another who is an enthusiastic pilot himself.

What does that mean for our clients?  It means we understand your technology and the importance it has on your business.  It also means that we know exactly how to protect it.  From our offices in four states, we provide full-service intellectual property solutions — everything from preparing and prosecuting patents to filing trademarks, conducting due diligence investigations, obtaining international rights, and providing litigation counsel in court and in PTAB Proceedings.

We are also in tune with the latest innovations in aerospace and the potential legal risks they pose.  It’s hard to miss what companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are working on.  Their product development comes with a heaping side of media coverage whether they want it or not.  The applications of their technologies in autonomous reusable launch vehicles and commercial sub-orbital flight, however, are breaking new ground at a seemingly daily pace.

Few technologies in the space are getting more attention than drones right now, whether for their military applications or for civilian sport and recreation.  How can you best protect valuable assets in a field that is still relatively new and is advancing at breakneck speeds?  Hire the team with years of practical experience in the industry and nearly 100 years of intellectual property experience as a firm.