September 7, 2017

Dance Like No One is Watching; Email Like it’s Being Read Aloud at your Deposition

“Dance like no one is watching; email like it’s being read aloud at your deposition”

This sentiment was passed along this morning by a colleague.  It is good to be periodically reminded to be careful with your business and professional emails:

Dance | Intellectual Property Law Firm | Harness IP

When writing emails or, alternatively, creating exhibits for the inevitable law suit, consider the following:

  • Keep business emails professional
  • Write as if your mother were reading over your shoulder
  • Consider the purpose of the communication
  • Consider the audience/recipients of the information (including a judge and jury)
  • Be factual; where opinion is called for, identify it as opinion, and make sure that it is germane to the issues; do not give an opinion (e.g., legal) that you are not qualified to give
  • Do not make mean or demeaning references to others
  • Make your point, but avoid extreme emphasis!!!!
  • Keep business and personal messages separate
  • Consider how your characterization of the Company and its activities would be perceived by an outsider