January 28, 2022

Racing Equipment Competitors Square off in the Eastern District of Missouri

On January 26, 2022, German racing equipment manufacturer Race Result AG brought a claim of patent infringement against St. Louis-based competitor Innovative Timing Systems, LLC (“ITS”). The complaint alleges infringement of US Patent No. 10,686,306, entitled “Floor cable channel.” The patent claims a device that allows a cable to be positioned below a surface, protecting it from external forces. 

The complaint does not suggest that ITS saw this action coming; the complaint only states that ITS has actual notice as of the service of the lawsuit. Willful infringement is, in any event, still pled by plaintiff. 

Counsel for plaintiff, Race Result is, Foley & Lardner. It is still too early to tell who will represent Innovative Timing Systems or to which judge the case will be assigned.

A summary of the other pending cases in the ED Missouri are listed below: 

  • Zeavision, LLC v. Bausch & Lomb Inc. (Judge Pitlyk)
  • Low Temp Industries, Inc. v. Duke Mfg Co. (Judge Schelp)
  • Nidec Motor Corp. v. Broad Ocean Motor LLC (Judge Pitlyk)
  • A7 Fitness Inc. v. American Strongman Corp (Judge Pitlyk)
  • Lexidine, LLC v. Etrailer Corp (Judge Limbaugh, Jr.)
  • YETI Coolers, LLC v. Discover Home Products (Judge Fleissig)
  • Upaid Systems, Ltd. v. Washateria LLC (Judge Ross)
  • Parking World Wide, LLC v. City of San Francisco (Judge Cohen (magistrate))