Copyright Litigation

Harness IP maintains an impressive history of the successful litigation of copyright claims. The Firm is committed to winning even the toughest and most complex copyright cases, demonstrating our absolute commitment to our clients and their rights.

Our experience in copyright litigation ranges from computer software; to architectural plans; to text, scientific, technological and graphic/pictoral works; to sound recordings and audiovisual works; to Internet advertising and piracy. Our copyright litigators are veteran practitioners in all aspects of copyright litigation, including:

  • Evaluating potential infringement cases and devising the right strategy going forward
  • Assessing the validity of copyrights, including chain of title, Copyright Office recordation, and priority of transfers
  • Drafting and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Bringing and defending preliminary injunctions
  • Analyzing potential and appropriate remedies against infringers
  • Preparing and trying cases in courts throughout the country

Our extensive trial experience provides clients with a unique advantage. Having tried several copyright cases over many years of practice, Harness IP litigators have the experience and perspective needed to prosecute copyright claims both efficiently and aggressively, as well as to defend all variety of copyright infringement.

When an infringer has misappropriated copyrighted content, we pursue relief for our client both in and out of court. We regularly assist clients to resolve copyright disputes prior to litigation through alternative dispute resolution or informal negotiations. We deliver in-depth copyright experience in all matters pertaining to the application of copyright law to the Internet and other online environments, literal and non-literal copying claims and open source, as well as DMCA safe harbors and anti-circumvention, secondary liability and fair use. We also coordinate and supervise copyright litigation on a global scale.

Our Copyright Litigation team also works closely with clients to plan for, manage and avert the risks associated with both traditional copyright matters, as well as in emerging areas of change and uncertainty.

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