Cross Border Transactions

Harness IP is involved in IP transactions around the world. Our international perspective and judgment positions our clients to minimize the risks associated with international business transactions. We are known for our macro perspective when conducting commerce abroad, and are particularly valued by our clients as knowledgeable partners when executing cross border initiatives.

We deliver practical guidance pertaining to IP transactions in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. Whether we are negotiating the terms of the deal or addressing the legal or business risks inherent in such transactions, our hands-on experience in executing a broad array of international agreements illustrates our unique ability to overcome the hurdles and complexities of global commercial initiatives. We not only understand the laws, we understand the realities of business environments that may be much different than you are accustomed to.

We know how to do business in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Our attorneys are frequently involved in advising U.S. based companies buying assets from PRC businesses. We have advised on transactions ranging from licensing agreements to transferring technology in or out of the PRC. Doing business in the PRC is significantly different from commerce in Europe or even other parts of Asia. We understand how the court system works in China, and how it affects the deal at hand. We work with our clients on potential infringement risks at the border and possible importer/exporter rate violations, as well as address ITC matters as needed.

Our practical experience with the Chinese allows us to advise on what works and does not work when doing business in the PRC. We understand the customs, habits and business practices in China. We know how to “pressure test” your deal by including insights that may not be considered by inexperienced counsel. We make sure that all of the assets and deal participants are identified up front and included within the scope of the transaction.

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