Domestic Clients Doing Business Abroad

The protections of domestic patents or trademarks apply only to the United States. As a result, an inventor or company seeking intellectual property protection on a worldwide scale must apply for a patent or trademark in each country where they seek protection. Because practically every foreign land has its own intellectual property law, an application for a patent or trademark in that region must be filed in order to secure your IP investment in the region.

Harness IP simplifies the challenging process of protecting IP rights abroad. We work with our domestic clients to design and execute a global plan to develop worldwide IP protection strategy, including the development of licensing and business contacts. All of our initial filings with the U.S. Patent Office are written so that when they are prosecuted in other countries, they are executed in a language that when translated… are quite likely to be successful.

We file patents and trademarks all over the world, and in each country where protection is sought. We are highly familiar with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and The Madrid Protocol, which allows for the streamling of the application and filing processes pertaining to international patents and trademarks. We can ensure that our U.S. patents and trademarks are in order with customs and border protection, as well as secure and register patents and trademarks in key foreign markets where IP violations are frequent.

How do I protect my copyrights on a global scale? Although most countries do not require copyright registration in order to ensure protection, registration can offer proof of ownership and strategic benefits. Because the U.S. maintains copyright relations with most countries in the world, honoring copyright ownership is customary. However, such relationships do not exist with every country – and Harness IP can make sure copyrights are filed wherever such protections do not apply.

Harness IP is particularly experienced in dealing with counterfeiting problems abroad, as well as their importation into the United States. The Firm emphasizes taking precautionary measures through proper registration and carefully drafted agreements with local licensees. Our network of foreign associates is utilized to monitor counterfeiting activities and to assist in investigations to ensure the infringers can be identified and that sufficient evidence can be obtained for legal proceedings.

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