Important Client Alert

Dear Harness IP Clients,

On November 11, Harness IP began experiencing network disruptions that we have determined are the result of a cybersecurity incident. Upon learning of this incident, we moved rapidly to engage a team of third-party experts to help us investigate this incident, contain the threat, and restore our systems as quickly as possible.

That investigation is ongoing. We have not yet determined what data may have been impacted or obtained as a result of this intrusion. Protecting our data and our clients’ data is our highest priority, and we are putting all available resources behind our investigation to obtain answers as quickly as possible.

Our remediation process continues to move forward every day, and we are rebuilding our systems. We have successfully regained secure access to our docketing and document management systems and have created a new email system. 

We appreciate your patience and trust as we work to resolve this situation as rapidly as possible and apologize for any difficulty or stress this incident may cause.

Yours truly,

Ray Millien