Licensing & Joint Ventures

Harness IP will help you negotiate licensing and joint venture agreements that are favorable to your business, and that protect your long term interest. These agreements represent great opportunities to grow product lines, increase revenue and profitability, as well as to improve shareholder value. Negotiating agreements that produce greater short term results is important. So too, however, is drafting agreements that are balanced and foster long term success with your partner. We are known for drafting agreements that accomplish both objectives.

IP agreements take various forms. They are often directed to patents, but also routinely involve trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Typical agreements include licenses, purchase agreements, research agreements, or joint venture/joint development or cooperation agreements. While these types of agreements have some similar contractual provisions, there are important differences that require consideration of niche or specialized provisions to fully safeguard your interests.

Harness IP lawyers possess considerable knowledge regarding each type of agreement. We understand the nuances and subtleties of different types of IP transactions, and we are prepared to negotiate them to your advantage. Beyond a mere understanding of the terms and concepts involved, we also know how to communicate with parties on the other side of the transaction in order to effectively negotiate the deal.  And we understand the business realities behind the deal. We understand that a successful business relationship is not simply words on paper — it is the result of a thoughtful and well-designed relationship for which the agreement is simply a road map.

There is an art to negotiating favorable deals without offending the other side. Harness IP is known for lawyers who are immediately likeable, establish instant credibility and foster a cooperative atmosphere from the start. Our attorneys understand both negotiation and diplomacy, and we seek to leverage our client’s position to gain the advantage. Simply, we do the job right.

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