November 2, 2023

“A New and Improved and Expanded Patent Bar: It’s About Time,” IPWatchdog

Harness IP’s John White authored an op-ed for IPWatchdog on November 2, 2023, that highlights the great strides being made to include professionals from various scientific disciplines to sit for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Registration Exam.

White writes, “I am a believer in what the patent system hath wrought historically and what it is capable of creating in a future where it is working properly. In that regard, the more who can contribute to and play a role in its success the better. It is something from which all of society can benefit.”

He continues, “The USPTO has been at work with proposed rules and comments and so forth to further expand the base of those who can become registered by adding industrial design, product design, architecture, applied arts, graphic design, fine/studio arts, or art teacher education as automatically qualifying degree(s) under Category A. Exam candidates who qualify under this standard would have a limited admission to practice in the design field. This is not unlike me, for example, who has a limited admission in Virginia for purposes of IP. It works for those of us who have it.”

You may read the complete article here.