February 7, 2024

“Treatment of Antibody Claims in the U.S. After Amgen v. Sanofi” – IP Strategist

In a February 5, 2024 article published by ALM’s IP Strategist, Harness IP Law Clerk Caley McCarthy and Principal Leanne Rakers discuss three cases involving antibody claiming and enablement that have emerged in the wake of the Supreme Court’s May 2023 decision in Amgen v. Sanofi.

The three cases – decided by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, a federal appeals court, and a U.S. district court – “have called into question the means by which antibodies may be claimed in the future, if at all,” the authors write.

Based on the outcomes of those cases, McCarthy and Rakers offer guidance to practitioners when drafting patent applications involving antibody claiming.

The full article may be accessed through ALM here, or read as a PDF at the link below.

Harness_ McCarthy and Rakers in ALM’s IP Strategist_February 2024 Issue




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