June 28, 2017

“Beth Coakley: From Protecting the Public to Protecting Corporate Assets,” Leading Lawyers, June, 2017

Innovative. Persistent. Perceptive. Those are just a few words clients and colleagues have used to describe Lisabeth H. Coakley’s manifold strengths. Coakley, 60, is a principal at Harness IP & Pierce, PLC. With 36 years of experience in trademark, patent and copyright law, she has gained a wide reputation for excellence in intellectual property practice.

Coakley’s colleague Monte Falcoff, also a principal at the firm, echoes that recognition. “Beth is one of the experts on trademark law, not just at our firm, but nationally,” he says.

The Michigan native has a long history of enforcing rights. In fact, before her career in intellectual property law, Coakley worked in law enforcement. After graduating a year early from Oakland University, Coakley knew she wanted to pursue a career in the legal world. Since a local police department was hiring, she had the chance to get her first enforcement experience and some extensive exposure to trials.

“I got to go to court more than once a week,” she recalls. In fact, that combination of enforcement and courtroom experience planted seeds for success for her current practice in trademark litigation.

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