October 17, 2017

St. Louis IP Firm Celebrates 15th Annual Charity Week

As one of the top IP firms in St. Louis and in the nation, Harness IP understands the correlation between our community and our success. Our partners, professionals, and staff continually seek to give back to the community in a variety of ways, such as through volunteering time and donating money to worthy causes and charitable organizations.

In one recent example, our St. Louis office held their 15th annual charity week. All money collected during the week of October 9 went directly to The Joshua Chamberlain Society (“JCS”).

About Harness IP’s 15th Annual Charity Week

The St. Louis team kicked off the week with a visit from one of JCS’s heroes, Corporal Todd Nicely of the United States Marine Corps. Over lunch, he shared his story about his time in the Marine Corps, his life changing injuries sustained while on tour in Afghanistan, and the impact of JCS. Corporal Nicely currently lives in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, in a smart home that was built with the help of JCS and the Gary Sinese Foundation, where he receives ongoing support from JCS.

Harness IP St. Louis IP Firm Celebrates Charity Week

Attorney Matt Cutler and Corporal Todd Nicely, right, kick off Charity Week at Harness IP

Inspired by the visit from Corporal Nicely, Harness IP set its sights on a plan to raise money and awareness for the JCS cause. The week-long effort included money-raising efforts in the form of food days, casual days and various raffles for staff. In total, the St. Louis IP attorneys and staff collected more than $5200 that will go toward supporting veterans and their families.

About The Joshua Chamberlain Society

The Joshua Chamberlain Society was formed with the mission of providing long term support to veterans from local areas that have sustained permanent combat injuries fighting the long war on terror for our nation, and to also provide long-term support to the children of veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our service. The JCS has chapters in St. Louis and Nashville. For more information, visit www.chamberlainsociety.org/.