February 7, 2018

Joel Samuels to Lead CLE on 2017’s Top Trademark Cases

On February 7, 2018, St. Louis Attorney Joel Samuels will present a CLE at the Bar Association of Metropolitan Saint Louis on 2017’s most notable trademark cases decided in the 8th Circuit. Attention will also be given to the most significant developments in trademark law from the U.S. Supreme Court and United States Patent and Trademark Office.

2017 provided a wealth of statistical information, including:

Trademark Prosecution

  • 441,972 federal trademark applications filed
  • 255,008 federal trademark registrations issued
  • 330,291 trademarks applications published in the Official Gazette

Notable Trademark Cases in the 8th Circuit

  • 84 trademark cases filed in 8th Circuit District Courts
  • 4 reported 8th Circuit Court of Appeal decisions
  • 43 reported District Court decisions (at least one from every 8th Circuit District Court)

Samuels will discuss cases involving scandalous trademarks, use of marijuana imagery, artificial fish habitats, violations of franchise agreements, the conclusion of the B&B Hardware saga, and more.

If you are interested in learning the details and key lessons from these cases, knowing all of the TTAB rule changes that took effect in 2017, or want to know the expected trends and predictions for future changes in 2018, be sure to attend the CLE. Register online on the BAMSL website.