July 12, 2023

“Don’t Get Cheesed – Protect Your Video Game’s Intellectual Property” – Harness IP’s Matt Cutler in Licensing Journal

“From source code and graph­ics to unique characters, iconic environments, and embedded music, online games are multi­layered, content-rich creations whose intellectual property (IP) can easily be ripped off. For game developers — whether your com­pany is a AAA producer or you’re a basement hacker with a great idea — protecting the IP in your game is crucial.”

These words of advice on protecting gaming IP are from Harness IP principal Matt Cutler in an article he penned for June/July 2023 issue of Licensing Journal. 

Cutler’s article focuses on the necessity of all game producers to understand the importance and potential value of their creations. He outlines in easy-to-understand terms the many components of video game production that can and should be protected, including unique environments, underlying code, and original music scores.

Cutler steps game producers through a series of best practices, from early documentation of creative output to engagement with IP counsel through ongoing management of the portfolio. The article guides producers on their rights as an author and outlines what to do if they suspect infringement. His list of considerations is robust and provides producers with ample reasons to proactively protect their property.

Matt is based in the firm’s St. Louis office and his practice is focused on delivering practical, battle-tested advice to more effectively manage the IP portfolios of individuals and corporations, including game creators and production companies. He also is experienced in IP litigation.

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Originally published in The Licensing Journal.



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