May 1, 2015

“What New Associates Need To Do To Launch A Great Career,” Law360, May 1, 2015

As a new associate, you’re new to your firm and your profession. You can barely remember where the bathroom is, and yet you know you need to focus on the endgame: Becoming a great lawyer and impressing the partners. Here, veteran attorneys give advice to new associates.

Mike Malinzak, Metro Detroit Patent Attorney:

“Traditional law firm wisdom says routinely provide good work on time and more will come — a critical component of a successful law firm career. But how? First, make sure you understand partner/client expectations for every task. Second, come out of your comfort zone and ask those who are most critical of your work how you can improve: What expectation did you fail to meet? Most attorneys are reluctant to solicit critical feedback because we naturally avoid discomfort, but it’s a perfect opportunity to learn. Push reviewers to explain why the work was not useful or efficient. It’s your career; own it.”

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