Patent Litigation

We get results in patent litigation for the world’s most innovative and respected companies. When it comes to patent litigation, we are aggressive advocates, persuasive negotiators and effective trial and appellate attorneys who consistently deliver victories for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Our patent litigation clients include some of the most innovative and respected companies in the world. They come to us when they need the highest level of legal representation at a fair cost, whether it involves the plaintiff or the defense side.

Our litigators have navigated clients beyond even the most precarious and intricate patent disputes. We are known to create advantage when the stakes are at their highest and complicated technologies and seemingly insurmountable obstacles hit one after the next. Not only do we deliver the legal prowess, exceptional advocacy and persuasion skills required to transcend both acrimony and complexity, but we also offer proven trial and appellate teams known for reinforcing that Harness IP means business when the case goes to trial.

Our patent litigators are creative, and devise resolution strategies that most law firms could never think of. As an intellectual property boutique, our patent litigators can draw on the support of our world class patent prosecutors. We understand the subtleties of Patent Office procedure and the nuanced technological distinctions of patented inventions from a wide range of complex prior art that sometimes can mean all of the difference in a case.

Our litigation and dispute resolution experience includes trials in Federal District Courts in every major patent jurisdiction in the country and before the International Trade Commission. Our experience also includes appeals before the Federal Circuit and Post-Grant challenges to patents before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. We have successfully prosecuted and defended a diverse selection of patent disputes in a wide range of technologies across the country and around the world.

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