Trademark & Domain Name Protection

Selecting the right name or mark is one of the most significant choices a business can make. An organization’s or individual’s moniker, website domain name, trademark and trade dress often have a significant impact on the overall profitability of a business. Harness IP ensures that such marks and domain names are not only substantiated, but also poised and strengthened for success.

We file hundreds of trademark applications per year. Harness IP guides clients through the process of selection, registration, management and enforcement of trademark, trade dress and domain names. We are known for our consistently accurate analysis of prospective third-party infringement, as well as how the potential name or trademark should be registered so that ownership exclusivity extends to both the domestic and global markets.

In addition, we aggressively oppose and seek cancellation for third-party registrations that threaten our clients’ marks. Whether this is initiated through the USPTO, under the Madrid Protocol, or before various national and regional patent and trademark offices, our attorneys have proven their ability to continually reinforce our client’s ownership of their assets.

Harness IP is well versed in all types of transactions involving domain names. Our capabilities range from domain name registration; to development and hosting agreements; to co-location, linking and domain name acquisition; to online advertising campaign development; to devising and executing privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of our client’s website. We ensure the timely renewal of our client’s primary domain name, as well as identify, register and maintain all associated domain names.

We strive to reduce the risks of doing business online. We are highly adept at executing and monitoring watch systems that identify similar domains registered by the competition and could result in customer confusion, diminished sales and contracting market share.

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