Trademark Selection, Prosecution & Registration

For nearly a century, Harness IP has helped clients to protect their marks throughout the entire trademark life cycle. With decades of experience and thousands of marks in our care, we have at our fingertips the practical answer to even the most unusual trademark questions. Our lawyers are highly skilled and effectively shepherd applications through the trademark office bureaucracy, maintaining and enforcing many of the world’s most famous trademarks and service marks. Regardless of the problem, we have probably seen it before, and solved it.

Brands are created by trademark rights. Recognizing the importance of these rights and taking the appropriate steps to secure them allows businesses to expand their competitive edge. We know first-hand what it takes to safeguard these rights at every stage of the development process. We counsel our clients on brand strategies, registration, proper use and enforcement of their marks. We develop use guides for marketing departments, licensees and distributors.

While there are certain facets of a trademark practice that are fairly routine, there are also many traps for the unwary. Unfortunately, for those who do not deal with trademarks on a daily basis, many of these traps are not recognized until after litigation ensues and the error of defect is uncovered by an opponent.

Although they are powerful marketing tools, trademarks are also fragile. All too often when a registration is renewed, the ten-year old description of goods and services is no longer accurate due to changes in the business over time. Inattention to this seemingly minor matter can result in an entire registration (even old, venerable registrations) being declared invalid or subject to cancellation.

These are the type of issues that require the attention of lawyers who are actively staying on top of all aspects of trademark law and practice, including the niche issues that pose serious consequences to your trademark rights if you ever need to enforce them.

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