September 1, 2022

Joseph E. Walsh Jr. and Michael Kella Offer Protective Steps for Software Purchasers in The Licensing Journal

Companies routinely purchase and update computer software. Software powers a wide array of business functions, from simple applications, such as email and word processing, to more complex applications, such as automating web-based product sales and powering intricate server systems. Software products often have more than one author or developer, and layered copyright ownership. Vendors may not fully understand the resulting implications, or they may opt to simply overlook such issues in the interest of making a sale.  

It is incumbent on the software purchaser, then, to be aware of the potentially substantial risks associated with purchasing software or source code that will be integral to a company’s business. 

Paying the full purchase price does not guarantee complete rights in software. Without thorough due diligence, purchasers may be exposing themselves and their companies to costly litigation, unforeseen limitations on use of the software and, even, unexpected competition.  

Recently published by The Licensing Journal, the article at the link below breaks out five key issues to keep in mind when considering a major software purchase.