January 17, 2019

Attorney Brent Seitz Discusses Client’s Shark Tank Win with West Bloomfield Beacon

Metro Detroit patent attorney Brent Seitz recently spoke to the West Bloomfield Beacon about his client’s appearance on Shark Tank and the excitement of working with entrepreneurs to obtain patents.

The client, Max Feber, appeared on the January 6 episode of Shark Tank to present his patented cold brew coffee filter system sold under the company name Bruw.

Feber, who received a patent for his coffee filter in June 2018, had the idea to use a pair of mason jars joined together by a double-sided lid fitted with a filter and small tube. After steeping ground coffee and water for up to 18 hours in the refrigerator (the “cold brew method”), simply flip the jars over with the tube side up and, presto, filtered cold brew coffee is ready to drink.

The young coffee lover, who is a student in college, also took the initiative to secure his spot on Shark Tank.

Seitz, who handled the patenting process, says of Feber, “We’re definitely proud of him. It was fun to see him realize that success,” referring to his client’s deal with Mark Cuban.

Seitz added that he generally works with big corporations that have multiple engineers and their own patent departments. “For these engineers, who often obtain several patents over the years, they’re working on a different level than a solo inventor like Max,” he said. “It’s something special every time someone gets a patent, but, for someone so young to be getting his first patent, it was especially fun to hear his excitement and to be part of that excitement.”

Feber’s appearance on Shark Tank also represented the first time that one of Seitz’s clients appeared on the popular show, and is the second appearance by a Harness IP client overall – the first being Talia Goldfarb of Myself Belts, who partnered with Daymond John in Season 6.

For now, Feber is focusing on growing his product line — he also sells actual coffee — and getting into retail stores. He is also interested in helping other businesses get their start: “I think that it’s an idea I keep coming back to: help other people start businesses and help other people get patents like Brent helped me,” he said. “I really appreciate all the support.”

Learn more about Bruw on the Bruw website.

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