January 19, 2022

John White Quoted in Law360 Article about his Move to Harness IP

Reston, Virginia patent attorney John White is featured in a Law360 article highlighting his arrival at Harness IP.

The firm’s newest Special Counsel is quoted in the article discussing his more than three and half decades of patent law experience. This includes leading several popular Patent Bar review courses since 1987, first with the Patent Resource Group and now with the Practising Law Institute (PLI). It is estimated that White has taught 70% of active patent attorneys in the U.S., earning him the nickname the “Dean of Patent Law.”

White frequently travels the country and visits up to 50 law schools per year to educate students about patent law. The PLI tries to reach every ABA accredited school every three years, giving White the chance to answer questions about patent law and career options. “For many, I am the first real live patent attorney they’ve ever had the chance to speak with,” he says. “Lots of students have been recruited into the field from these chats or had their assumptions validated.”

The most rewarding part of these trips, he says, is “simply helping people achieve their goals. It is just a lot of fun to engage with people and provide answers and let them take it from there.”

He notes that students have been tremendously adaptable throughout his career. Despite the many format changes to the exam over the years, he says, “students keep succeeding despite the USPTO’s efforts to confound. Amazing!”

Regarding his move to Harness IP, White says “My good friend and Patent Bar colleague [and Harness IP CEO] Ray Millien asked if I would join. Harness IP has an endless bench of across-the-board technology and resource talent that my much smaller firm simply could not match. I want to advise clients and be able to help them execute on that advice, regardless of scale or scope. Joining Harness IP makes that possible. I am really looking forward to getting out and saying hello to all the attorneys and staff and making these possibilities tangible.”

Firm CEO Ray Millien echoes White’s excitement for joining the firm, saying “John is a longtime friend and a pillar in the patent law community. The value he adds to our team and to our clients cannot be overstated.”

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