April 5, 2017

“Facebook Loses PTAB Challenges To Content Management IP,” Law360, April 5, 2017

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board said Tuesday it would not review a content management patent that a Michigan inventor has accused Facebook of infringing, finding the social media giant had not shown the challenged claims were likely invalid.

In a series of decisions, the PTAB denied all four petitions that Facebook had filed requesting inter partes review of various claims in the patent. Facebook had argued the claims were invalid because they would have been obvious at the time of the invention.

“After considering the petition and associated evidence, we conclude that petitioner has not demonstrated a reasonable likelihood that it would prevail in showing the unpatentability of [the challenged claims],” the board wrote in each of its decisions.

Zak is represented by Glenn Forbis, David Utykanski, Matthew Cutler and James [Brad] Luchsinger of Harness IP & Pierce PLC.

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