November 14, 2023

Harness IP’s Joel R. Samuels Featured in Super Lawyers Magazine’s “Choosing the Open Door”

Joel R. Samuels, along with three other accomplished St. Louis attorneys, shared their unique journeys of resilience and determination as immigrants in the United States. Their stories are featured in the 2023 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers magazine.

Samuels, a trademark attorney and IP litigator, shares his origin story of being born in Kolkata, India and being placed in the International Mission of Hope orphanage. Adopted at three months old by Swedish and Swiss-German parents, his family lived in St. Louis, initially, followed by Calhoun County, Illinois. Samuels spent his later school years in Hawaii.

In the article, Samuels elaborates on the challenges he encountered as an immigrant, explaining how he maintained a strong connection with his cultural roots. Additionally, he discusses his commitment to enhancing diversity in the legal field and shares his perspective on the significance of the butterfly effect in his life.

“The one thing I will never have to tell myself is to be grateful. The butterfly effect means a lot to me. One little thing—one flap of a wing—could have changed the course of my entire narrative. Knowing that makes me incredibly thankful for this life.”

The article also highlights stories of attorneys immigrating from China, Russia, and Bulgaria. Click here to read the full piece.



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