April 14, 2021

Harness IP Launches Fellowship Program for Diverse Law Students

Harness IP is pleased to announce the launch of its Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship. The D&I Fellowship consists of a paid summer clerkship working with an appointed attorney mentor, ongoing mentor support during the school year, and a $5,000 Fellowship upon completion of the summer clerkship.

“We are excited to launch the D&I Fellowship and double down on our commitment to cultivating diversity at Harness IP,” says Beth Coakley, Principal and Chair of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. “We are pleased to have received several great applications, and we are confident this program will provide a path for students to share fresh and new perspectives in our offices and in the field of IP law.”

The D&I Fellowship Program aims to provide career mentoring and the opportunity to explore IP law to students who are a member of an underrepresented group, are a member of the LGBTQ community, have a disability, or are a veteran. Candidates chosen for a Fellowship will work in a Harness IP office location of their choice. Participants may be eligible to renew the Fellowship following the completion of their first summer clerkship.

Please visit the Harness IP website to learn more about the D&I Fellowship: https://www.harnessip.com/about-us/diversity-and-inclusion-fellowship/ 

As part of Harness IP’s commitment to fostering diversity, the firm is also proud to join the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), a premier group of corporate and law firm leaders with the common goal of preparing future generations of diverse talent for the highest positions of leadership in the law. LCLD members sign a written commitment to emphasize action and accountability in their efforts to hire, develop, retain, and promote diverse talent, particularly minorities and women.

“We are excited to join the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity,” says Bill Coughlin, CEO and firm representative to LCLD. “I look forward to learning from this community and contributing to the discussion about how we can build on our efforts to promote diversity within the legal profession and within IP law specifically.”

About Leadership Council on Legal Diversity

LCLD was formed in 2009 and includes more than 350 General Counsel and law firm managing partners working to support a diverse new generation of attorneys. Members pledge to follow hiring and training practices that set a foundation for success among diverse attorneys. The pledge further includes tracking progress, sharing best practices with other members, and holding each other accountable. 

About Harness IP

Harness IP is celebrating 100 years as an intellectual property law firm. Founded in 1921, the firm currently holds a #2 ranking from IAM Media for providing counsel to 44 companies with the largest portfolios of issued U.S. patents. The firm also ranks #6 for filing the most patent applications on behalf of those companies. Harness IP’s attorneys and IP professionals focus exclusively on patents, trademarks, global IP management, litigation, and other IP rights. The firm has offices in Metro Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. Visit www.harnessip.com for more information.