May 17, 2021

Harness IP Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary as an Intellectual Property Law Firm

Harness IP commemorated its 100 year anniversary as an intellectual property (IP) law firm this past Saturday. An in-person gathering was originally planned to mark the occasion, but is currently on-hold due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other celebrations are tentatively planned for later this year.  

“This is an extraordinary achievement,” said Harness IP CEO Bill Coughlin in a message to the firm. “Despite the cataclysmic challenges of the great depression, World War II, the great recession, and a global pandemic, we remain fundamentally sound, financially strong, and focused on future growth. We all have much to look forward to, so let’s keep it up for another hundred years!” 

Patent attorney J. King Harness founded what would become Harness, Dickey & Pierce on May 15, 1921 in downtown Detroit. Harness previously founded and served in the patent department for the Ford Motor Company before setting out on his own with the goal of serving the region’s growing automotive industry. By 1927, Harness was able to recruit law school classmates and fellow IP attorneys Arthur Dickey and Hodgson Pierce to join his firm, which was then renamed Harness, Dickey & Pierce.

Harness IP, as it is referred to now, grew steadily for most of the twentieth century, adding new clients across different industries and handling IP matters ranging from patents to trademarks, trade secrets, IP litigation, and beyond. Today, the IP law firm has nearly 100 IP attorneys in four offices across the U.S. and serves clients conducting business around the globe.

As part of Harness IP’s anniversary, the firm has compiled a timeline of firm history and a list of notable patents and trademarks it has obtained for clients over the years, including a patent that lists Harness as the inventor. Please visit to learn more.

About Harness IP

Harness IP is celebrating 100 years as an intellectual property law firm. Founded in 1921, the firm currently holds a #2 ranking from IAM Media for providing counsel to 44 companies with the largest portfolios of issued U.S. patents. The firm also ranks #6 for filing the most patent applications on behalf of those companies. Harness IP’s attorneys and IP professionals focus exclusively on patents, trademarks, global IP management, litigation, and other IP rights. The firm has offices in Metro Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. Visit for more information.