September 24, 2021

St. Louis Patent Attorneys to Present at Petfood Forum

Harness IP patent attorneys and Principals Leanne Rakers and Doug Robinson will present at the upcoming Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Missouri on September 24. Their presentation is titled “Intellectual Property Update: Turn your Pet Food IP Rights Into a Competitive Advantage.”

The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Patents, including recent examples of technologies, methods, and formulations that are being patented in the pet food space
  • Trademarks and branding rights
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets, including an overview of how they can be used to protect pet food innovators

Attention will be given to how to use IP rights both offensively and defensively, how to identify unseen or underutilized IP rights, and how to squeeze more profitability from each IP assets.

The Petfood Forum is an annual conference welcoming pet food manufacturers and innovators from around the globe. This year’s Forum is taking place in person and will offer on demand viewing, as well. Please visit the Petfood Forum website to learn more.