February 11, 2015

“Valentine’s Day helped launch unusual inventions,” Detroit Legal News, February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day suggests hearts and flowers rather than legal patents but one of the most famous patents issued was registered on February 14, 1876, when a lawyer for Alexander Graham Bell filed an application for his telephone invention; an instrument (and its modern day successors) that has played a large role in keeping lovers connected ever since.

Before you dive into a box of Valentine candies, think about the legal paperwork that went into protecting those patents and trademarks.

Monte Falcoff, an attorney with Harness IP, a global intellectual property firm in Troy, is familiar with various Valentine-themed patents, including those for designs for chocolates, toys, jewelry, board games, roses, and cards, (whether romantic or risqué), and much more.

“Who doesn’t love receiving heart shaped chocolates and jewelry, especially in patent form,” Falcoff says with a smile.

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