Global IP Management & Tracking

Harness IP sees the BIG PICTURE — not merely the individual patents and trademarks, but how each asset fits into your overall global IP portfolio. The synergies of these puzzle pieces are magnified when managed as a whole. Nevertheless, we appreciate that keeping track of your company’s IP portfolio can be a daunting challenge, and Harness IP makes it simple to retain control over even the most extensive IP portfolios.

We provide real-time, instantaneous data at your computer that is not available through any public databases. Think of the USPTO PAIR system on steroids and with global reach. You can analyze the current status, future due dates and the interrelated country-by-country filings of your patents and trademarks, even when you are on the road and in any time zone. You can access the same docketing data that the Firm’s large docketing staff enters every day for our internal use. This is highly beneficial for multinational companies with engineering, legal or marketing offices in different locations. 

Our clients can track, 24/7, the status of their entire IP portfolio. Our proprietary client extranet software, accessible through an internet portal, makes available at your fingertips all documents and critical related information, and allows our clients to:

  • Generate reports on patent and trademark initiatives
  • Determine the status of the many pending domestic and foreign IP matters in play
  • Ascertain where in the world to secure protection
  • Decide what should be maintained and what should be abandoned
  • Aid in making key strategic IP decisions

Our interface provides easy access to your comprehensive intellectual property data. This allows you to run global IP related reports, print maps and charts showing protection by geography, as well as to review a variety of important dates and deadlines pertaining to your intellectual property assets. Access is password protected and can be optionally provided to your legal, business and/or engineering management teams, and easily revised at your request.

The best news: we provide our web based interface to our clients at no cost.