We attract attorneys at all levels of practice seeking to avail themselves of the extensive resources, knowledge, and client base of an IP boutique firm.

Lateral Careers

Our lateral attorneys play an integral role in making Harness IP an exceptional intellectual property firm. Experienced attorneys appreciate our already established team of innovative partners, true depth of practice, and focus on client service, as well as our high quality associates, paralegals, and support staff.

The firm actively recruits practicing IP attorneys looking to advance their careers and expand their sphere of influence. Such attorneys are compensated based on individual experience and performance. Compensation also includes competitive health care, vision, and dental benefits. In addition, experienced attorneys have flexibility in determining their own schedules.


We believe that the success of our associates enhances the quality of our firm’s service to our clients. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that associates have not only the training and mentoring required to become world class IP attorneys, but also the state-of-the-art technology, resources, and tools required to develop their practice throughout their careers. The firm’s commitment to collaboration allows for early client contact, immediate partner feedback and individual coaching.

Harness IP recruits associates with degrees in technology/science and the law, as well as relevant work experience. We value the ability to adapt to changing environments, and seek out candidates who have achieved academic excellence. We appreciate outstanding communication abilities, practical and common sense business judgment, as well as a passion and curiosity for innovation.

The firm actively recruits associates seeking to advance their careers in a meaningful way. Our associates are compensated competitively and based upon experience. Salary increases are tied to individual performance, thereby allowing each associate some control over his/her professional destiny. Compensation also includes competitive health care, vision, and dental benefits.

Harness IP offers a comfortable and supportive workplace, encourages associates to grow their knowledge base and practice, and provides the tools needed to exceed client expectations. We believe that continuing education is an important aspect of practicing law. Accordingly, ongoing training is provided on various topics ranging from complex prosecution issues to new practice procedures adopted by the USPTO. Professional development is also supported through an annual seminar and lecture attendance fund.

Law Students

Intellectual property is one of the most complex and rapidly changing areas of the law. As a result, the demand is high for experienced IP attorneys. Harness IP proactively meets this need by offering opportunities to law students early in their legal careers. We hire law students for year-round employment as full-time clerks. These students, who often have a variety of technical undergraduate degrees, gain valuable and real world experience while attending law school.

Students with technical degrees assist in patent drafting, prosecution, and litigation. Highly sought backgrounds include engineering, chemistry, and biology. Students with non-technical degrees assist in preparing and prosecuting trademark applications, trademark litigation, and other matters. Harness IP encourages all clerks to direct their own path through the field of IP law, as they are presented with opportunities to gain experience in many fields, including mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, bio-mechanical, chemical, bio-chemical, computer engineering, and software, among many others.

Harness IP strives to accommodate law students by offering flexible scheduling and regular access to the firm’s extensive legal library. Each clerk is paired with an experienced attorney who serves as mentor, and each receives competitive compensation including eligibility for raises and health, dental, and vision benefits for those averaging at least 30 hours per week.

Summer Associate Program

Our Summer Associate Program offers an individualized experience suited to those with the desire to learn about intellectual property law and practice. In addition to our Summer Associate Program, Harness IP is proud to offer a Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship. Visit our Fellowship page to learn more.

Harness IP’s Summer Associate program focuses on one-on-one training wherever possible to facilitate rapid learning. We encourage our Summer Associate Program participants to learn as much during their summer experience as possible and to gain exposure to the nature of intellectual property law.

Our primary objective is to expose Summer Associates to actual work. We aim to develop future attorneys who are substantively proficient and well-rounded counselors. Summer Associates are encouraged to explore various areas of professional interest. Each Summer Associate will work with an experienced attorney mentor who will introduce them to the patent drafting process, IP litigation, and copyright and trademark matters. Program participants also attend continuing education seminars to assist in expanding their learning experience during the summer.

Our Summer Associate Program offers a rare opportunity to learn alongside leading intellectual property law practitioners. Due to the high volume of resumes received, we only consider those who demonstrate a high level of achievement in previous educational and/or work experience, as well as those who possess excellent communication skills.

IP law is a particularly specialized discipline. Work at Harness IP requires navigation of some of the most complicated technologies on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies. We believe that success requires an inquisitive mind coupled with the ability to interact professionally with attorneys and staff alike.

No specific experience is necessary to be eligible for the Summer Associate Program. However, candidates interested in becoming registered patent attorneys must meet not only the eligibility requirements set forth by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but also those set forth by the state bar. For those interested in trademark law, Summer Associates are typically selected based on a demonstrated interest in trademark related matters and the ability to meet the requirements set forth by the state bar.


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Harness IP has nationwide career opportunities, including in the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.