September 23, 2021

Attorneys Discuss the Harness IP Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship with Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Harness IP attorneys Beth Coakley and Leanne Rakers are quoted in a recent Michigan Lawyers Weekly article about the firm’s 100 year anniversary as well as the launch of its Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship. 

The D&I Fellowship includes a comprehensive program for law school students to gain familiarity with IP law, work with practicing attorneys who will provide mentorship throughout the school year, and receive financial support in the form of a $5,000 scholarship upon completion of a summer clerkship.

“We’re excited to offer this Fellowship and demonstrate our strong and continuing commitment to D&I efforts and to enhance opportunities for some potentially underrepresented groups to get into IP law,” says Coakley. “Giving back to the community like this benefits everyone. Our clients and businesses in general benefit from diverse opinions.”

Rakers, who is Chair of the firm’s D&I Committee, adds that, “as a firm, we look forward to supporting these new voices and perspectives in our firm and in the field of IP law.”

Law school students are encouraged to apply for the D&I Fellowship on the Harness IP website. Candidates who are accepted into the program will work in a Harness IP office as paid summer law clerks. The program kicks off with an immersive “IP boot camp” orientation before students are assigned to an attorney mentor aligned with their legal interests and/or technical background for those interested in pursuing patent law. The $5,000 scholarship will be granted upon completion of the clerkship, and candidates are welcomed to apply again for the Fellowship the following summer.

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