July 22, 2021

Harness IP Principals to Present on “IP for a Competitive Advantage” at the AgChem Summit

Harness IP patent attorneys Leanne Rakers and Doug Robinson will present at this year’s AgChem Summit. The Summit will take place in Durham, North Carolina, on July 22 and 23. Attendees can also access the Summit virtually.

The team’s presentation is titled “Intellectual Property Update for the Agricultural Industry — Using Intellectual Property for a Competitive Advantage.” It will discuss four types of IP rights that are most relevant to agricultural innovators — patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The patent section will include several examples of new technologies that have received (or are in the process of receiving) patent protection. The primary goal of the presentation is to help business leaders understand the breadth of coverage IP rights offer so they can better identify and profit from their own intellectual property. A secondary goal is to teach the offensive and defensive applications of each type of intellectual property covered.

Please visit the AgChem Summit to learn more and to register for the event.

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