March 16, 2015

“The Female Attorneys You Admire,” Law360, March 6, 2015

In honor of International Women’s Day, which recognizes women for their achievements around the globe, we asked attorneys to tell us the female lawyers they admire and why.

Monte Falcoff, Harness IP LLP
Beth Coakley, a principal at Harness IP, has been deftly practicing IP law for 30-plus years and while her remarkable track record is itself admirable, it’s the way she succeeds that makes her a true inspiration. For instance, when a client was sued for importing counterfeit children’s shoes, she not only proved they were innocently imported, she suggested the client remove the labels and donate the shoes to a children’s orphanage, which it did. She turned a tough situation into one that benefited others. Beth is smart, creative and an inspiration to all attorneys at Harness IP.”