May 14, 2023

U.S. & Unitary Patent: “Low Barrier to Pan-Europe Rights” – Harness Special Counsel John White Interviewed by Kluwer Patent Blog

Harness IP Special Counsel John White was recently interviewed by Kluwer Patent Blog about the start of the Unitary Patent (UP) system and its implications for both American patent filers and the European marketplace. 

The new system, which takes effect June 1, creates a unified patent filing process and protection standard in as many as 25 European nations. The system is expected to provide huge cost advantages and reduce administrative burdens for inventors. The European Patent Office (EPO) will act as a one-stop-shop for Unitary Patent submissions.

“Patenting is about possibilities being maintained for future use, i.e., a hedge against future events and outcomes,” White says. “If there is no right, there is no hedge. The UP simply makes keeping that possibility of ‘rights’ across Europe far more obtainable than in the past.”

White gives a thorough look at the ease with which businesses will be able to protect their IP and outlines the potential economic influence of the system on European economy. “This is a big event with big economic consequences. Europe could reconstitute their economic relevance around it.”

Kluwers Patent Blog is a publication of Kluwer Law International. It provides information and news on European patent law as well as relevant U.S. cross-border matters. The full text of John’s interview can be found here.

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