January 4, 2024

“Advantages of Trademark Registrations in Québec: Avoiding the Need to Translate English Product Terms to French,” Law.com

In an article published in Law.com Harness IP Principal Stephen T. Olson and Associate Colette Verch provide insight on trademark registrations in Québec and how it pertains to businesses being able to keep their English branding. Québec’s Charter of the French Language implements that businesses must use French language in their signage, advertising, and the labeling of products sold in Québec, posing brand identity and cost issues for many businesses.

“In other words, under the approaching regulation change, common law trademarks will no longer be recognized as exceptions to the French language requirements in Québec,” they write. “This means that only English brand names and product terms that are registered marks with the CIPO can be used on products, signage, and advertising in Québec without the requirement for translation.”

Olson and Verch outline additional advantages for businesses to register product terms as trademarks with the CIPO, such as language cost savings and brand recognition, advising for businesses to take this approach while still complying with language laws.

The full article may be accessed here.