May 23, 2022

Metro D.C. Patent Attorney to Chair and Participate in Upcoming Practising Law Institute’s May 2022 Program

Longtime patent attorney and educator John White, from the firm’s Metro Washington, D.C. office, is the chairperson at the upcoming PLI Patent Eligibility, Prior Art, Obviousness and Disclosure 2022 program on Monday, May 23rd. The program is from 9-5pm PT. During this one-day event, you will learn:

  • Section 101: what to do?
  • 102 and its dates: is the “grace period” real?
  • Understanding the “effective filing date” in global terms
  • Analyzing 102 — pre- and post-AIA
  • A comprehensive review of post-KSR 103 via CAFC and PTAB precedent
  • Impact of benefit claims on the prior art date of an “effectively filed” reference and the “effective filing date” of the application being examined

John will deliver the program’s opening remarks and be a part of the last session of the day, “The 102(b) Exceptions to Prior Art Against Patents – Made Simple!” For more information, including the agenda and registration (watch online or on-demand), visit PLI’s event page.