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Harness IP protects innovations in chemistry and materials science at the molecular level.

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Our firm is known for designing and executing highly effective strategies for safeguarding chemical and materials science based innovations. These technologies often demand a cross disciplinary approach to crafting intellectual property positions, considering various avenues of IP protection, such as patent and trade secrets, while keeping an eye on regulatory and other requirements that our clients may face. Our unique combination of in-depth legal and scientific expertise and practical business insight allow us to bring a real world perspective when advising our clients and protecting IP rights in this highly specialized industry sector.

We advise chemical and materials sciences companies of all sizes. Our experience ranges from new chemical entities for pharmaceutical companies, to cutting edge materials from the labs of leading universities, industrial chemicals and processes for large scale manufacturing, and cosmetic products developed by entrepreneurs. We understand the host of underlying technologies involved in chemical and materials science, as well as the varying legal practices for protecting them. Many of our attorneys have significant experience working in laboratories, in the plants and in the corporate patent offices of large multi-national research companies. A sampling of the diverse technologies in which we have expertise includes:

  • Agricultural products, including bio-sourced materials
  • Biochemical materials and processes, including microbial and plant-based synthetic methods
  • Ceramics
  • Chemical processes, including process controls
  • Electronics and semiconductor materials, including semiconductor fabrication, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaics
  • Forest, paper and engineered wood products
  • Medical devices, coatings and other materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Nutritional products, including food processing and nutraceuticals
  • Plastics and elastomers
  • Polymer science
  • Small particle technology
  • Thin-film media
  • Water and wastewater treatment technologies

In addition to our expertise in chemistry and material science, our firm offers the full range of intellectual property services for your innovations in the areas of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. From biosimilars to diagnostic tools, enzymology, small molecule therapeutics, pharmacology and beyond, our attorneys are at the forefront of intellectual property and technology in these markets. Visit our Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology page to learn more.

Harness IP knows how to remain ahead of the pack in what can be a fast-paced race to filing, prosecuting and enforcing patents. The legal requirements and procedures for protecting technology in the chemical arts are evolving in a way that is unlike any other business or technical sector. Our experience in filing and prosecuting literally thousands of patents each year puts us at the forefront of the law. This experience allows us to not only obtain solid enforceable patents, but also to advise our clients on freedom-to-practice analyses and conduct due diligence investigations regarding mergers and acquisitions and other complex transactions.