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Harness IP works with clients to patent and own the telecommunications and wireless technologies, products and services of the future.

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Our attorneys represent telecom and wireless industry clients around the globe ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups ventures. The telecom and wireless industry is both expanding at a rapid pace and, at the same time, experiencing a consolidation and convergence of many technologies. We are known and valued for adapting and acting quickly. We understand that customers demand connectivity and speed, and our stamina in working with our clients to meet such demands is second to none.

Our lawyers consistently deliver the legal insight, business acumen and technological know-how needed to help our clients succeed. We are able to immediately understand the many technologies that make up the telecom and wireless industry. Our diverse backgrounds in technology and the law have proven that there is no industry related intellectual property innovation that is too complex for us to effectively prosecute and aggressively protect. We deliver pragmatic solutions and targeted legal counsel that often exceeds our client’s expectations when surmounting the challenges of this rapidly expanding and global market segment.

We are involved in intellectual property spanning the spectrum of telecom and wireless related disciplines. We work with clients on optical, wireless, satellite and landline communications hardware and software systems. Our abilities range from VoIP technologies, to Ethernet systems, to wireless and asynchronous transfer mode communications. We assist clients with products, services and technologies pertaining to mobile phones, pagers, hand-held devices and wireless data networks, as well as satellite technologies, microwave systems and many more.

Our telecom and wireless related patent prosecution expertise includes preparing and filing patent applications, administrative appeals and petitions, as well as reissues and post-grant proceedings. We are regularly called upon to conduct IP related due diligence in connection with fast paced and complex M&A activity, as well as draft comprehensive opinions on patent infringement, validity and enforceability. We also advise clients involved in telecom and wireless related licensing agreements and partnership initiatives.

Another major industry driver is the constant challenge of security. The ever increasing risks of hacking and malware, caused in part by expanding global use of mobile devices, remains a moving target for telecom and wireless companies, particularly as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications increase in use. Additionally, the expanded practice of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to the workplace creates additional potential exposure to important company data. Harness IP works with clients to create encryption and encoding systems and safeguards that reduce the potential for misuse of intellectual property where the ongoing threat of security breach continues to develop at an alarming pace.

A leader in intellectual property law, Harness IP stands ready to advise telecom and wireless clients on the full range of IP related challenges. Whether we are involved in enforcement actions, patent prosecution in the U.S. and abroad, ongoing intellectual property portfolio management and protection, spectrum and equipment engineering challenges or complex litigation, we know from experience what it takes to leverage and defend the intellectual property assets of our telecom and wireless clients around across the globe.