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Domestic and international consumer electronics revenues are at an all-time high, and the industry continues to experience unprecedented growth with no end in sight.

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Driven in part by the expanding sales of connected devices and new consumer electronic industry categories, such as 3D printers, IoT technologies, Ultra HD television displays, smart thermostats, and health and fitness devices, the consumer electronics industry is poised to remain on its current trajectory of accelerated growth and global expansion. Consumer electronics businesses are offering more innovative products than ever before, as emerging technologies generate consumer excitement in the new and must have international electronics market segment.

Harness IP delivers comprehensive intellectual property legal counsel to consumer electronics industry manufacturers and distributors who produce products that range from telephones, televisions, stereos and audio equipment, alarm clocks and calculators; to digital cameras, video cameras, and home theater equipment, to name only a few. We understand first hand with it takes to work productively and effectively with the professionals that drive this dynamic industry sector, including engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, managers, marketers and investors.

Our attorneys know, from decades of experience in the trenches, how to protect IP assets where market segments and technologies now converge. With each passing year and new generation of products, we have experienced what were once distinct traditional electronics categories (such as telecommunications or computer hardware) now overlap into hybrid technologies and products. We are particularly adept at understanding and analyzing such complex technologies, as well as in writing patents that are distinctive and that stand the test of time. Additionally, with more than 100 patent attorneys and IP professionals, we have the necessary expertise and can form teams of technical specialists to handle these new and converging technologies.

We work with clients in the electronics, computer hardware and telecom sectors that are now faced with expanded competition and even faster paced R&D in order to remain on the frontier of creativity. In addition to patent, trademark, copyright and service mark prosecution, we also assist our clients with the ongoing management and enforcement of their global IP portfolios. We know all too well what it takes to advise industry clients involved in quick moving mergers, acquisitions and dispositions involving large and international IP portfolios that often represent the real value of the transaction at hand.

Harness IP is particularly experienced in the legal aspects of doing business in Asia, a critical skill when representing consumer electronics industry constituents both in the U.S. and abroad. Many consumer electronics products are manufactured in Asia, and we understand how business and the court system function in this area of the world. Harness IP representatives periodically travel and lecture internationally on a diverse spectrum of IP topics. We maintain hands-on, working relationships with our international clientele and global network of preferred providers. We also assist our clients with potential infringement risks at the border and possible importer/exporter rate violations, and address ITC matters as needed.