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Harness IP is known for the legal expertise, technical ability and passion needed to create and protect important clean and green technology intellectual property assets.

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Our attorneys deliver cutting edge legal counsel pertaining to the diverse array of products, services and processes that constitute the “green technology” industry, including renewable materials, alternative clean energy generation, efficient energy storage and transmission technologies, and products and methods for reducing or eliminating emissions, waste and pollution. These technologies often demand a cross disciplinary approach to crafting IP positions, considering various avenues of protection such as patents, trade secrets and trademarks. Further, an effective IP strategy must consider the regulatory and other requirements that our green technology clients face, as well as the often uncertain investment and commercial environment confronting the industry.

Clean and green technology overlaps with practically all areas of science — and our diverse skills and scientific backgrounds enable us to excel as a result. With nearly a century of experience counseling clients in a broad range of industries, we have the cross-disciplinary experience necessary to support clients in the green technology industry, where innovation often spans several technical areas. Our lawyers have backgrounds in biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, electrical and mechanical engineering, among many other specialized concentrations of expertise. As global reliance on traditional energy sources gives way to the changing boundaries of scientific innovation and novel ideas, our depth of experience and scientific understanding allow us to design and establish our client’s position in this constantly evolving marketplace.

The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to advise on the full spectrum of IP related issues, challenges, and obstacles facing clean tech clients. Our experience includes IP portfolio development; patent and trademark prosecution; due diligence and opinions; licensing and strategic alliances; and infringement enforcement and defense. We routinely advise on the legal aspects of the many specialized areas of green technology, including:

  • Alternative and renewable energy, including solar energy, wind turbines, biomass energy sources and hydrogen production, storage and uses
  • Biodegradable materials, including bio sourced materials
  • Emission reduction and pollution abatement, including power plant emissions
  • Energy efficient control systems, storage and transmission technologies
  • Green chemistry and manufacturing, including bio-synthetic and high yield catalytic technologies
  • Lithium battery technology and battery management, including smart charging algorithms
  • Low- or no-emission vehicles
  • Recycling and waste mitigation, management and treatment
  • Remediation and bioremediation
  • Water conservation and related technologies

We work closely with clean and green clients both in the U.S. and abroad. Our clients appreciate that we are active in the industry and remain current on new trends and ideas. We leverage our experience, professional relationships, know-how and unique insight to benefit our clients seeking to develop and commercialize their IP assets.