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Mechanical and electromechanical technological innovation drives economic development on a global scale.

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At Harness IP, we understand this at our core. Our attorneys have enabled such economic development to play out time and time again over nearly a century of practice. We consistently deliver proven solutions when it comes to leveraging key technological innovations. We are known for developing and executing IP strategies that deliver the IP protection necessary to ensure maximum commercial benefit for our clients.

Harness IP is counsel of choice for mechanical and electromechanical industry innovators. Regardless of our client’s size or the complexity of their IP portfolio, we provide practical solutions that achieve commercial objectives. Our experience spans the full life cycle of intellectual property related counsel. We consistently deliver the appropriate level of skill and technical complexity and expertise required to safeguard mechanical and electromechanical intellectual property.

We are able to get up to speed quickly when it comes to understanding the technical attributes of mechanical based IP. Because of our far reaching technological abilities and broad industry experience, our clients save both time and resources. We know what it takes to keep costs down, as well as to maintain focus on our client’s vision and priorities even when dealing with the most complicated technologies.

We consistently deliver world class legal counsel pertaining to IP procurement and risk/opportunity analysis. Our attorneys are involved in identifying, clearing, registering, licensing, leveraging and protecting patents, trade secrets and other critical IP around the globe. We analyze the strength and weaknesses of our clients IP portfolios and management practices, as well as how it relates to their bottom line. We work in tandem with owners, managers and in-house legal departments to design and execute programs to procure and enforce IP rights that protect valuable technological investments.

A sampling of just some of the mechanical and electromechanical technology-heavy industries in which the Firm’s long time clients compete include: automotive and transportation; alternative energy; construction; agricultural and animal farming; heating, ventilation and cooling; industrial and manufacturing equipment, including robotics; machinery and equipment control systems; computers and semiconductors; hospital and medical devices; power generation and distribution; and power tools and appliances.