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Harness IP helps global consumer products companies navigate beyond their IP challenges so that they can focus on the bottom line and seize on opportunities for growth.

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Over the years, Harness IP has developed a particular expertise working with consumer product companies of all sizes and in every phase of the business life cycle. A sampling of our consumer products experience includes such categories as beauty care products, clothing and accessories, cosmetics, food and beverages, games and toys, home furnishings and furniture, household cleaning products, nutraceuticals, over-the-counter health care products, paper products, power tools and appliances, school and office products, sporting goods, and many others.

We are known for tailoring consumer products IP strategies that fortify your “reason to win.” Our attorneys understand that the key drivers of competitive advantage are not the same for all consumer products or business models. Why does the consumer buy your product? Whether product aesthetics, quality, branding, superior performance, packaging, marketing, manufacturing, distribution channels, logistics, or some combination is the backbone supporting your competitive advantage, we take the time to understand your “reason(s) to win.”  With this understanding, we have the expertise and business experience across the full complement of IP rights, including, patent, trademark, design, trade secret, confidentiality and copyrights, to develop and implement an integrated IP protection strategy that will deliver real world business value.

Harness IP knows how to help you capitalize on opportunities for growth. Growth often means working with others. Does your strategy for growth involve jointly developing innovative technologies with existing partners, contracting with consultants or universities to do research, setting-up an idea submission program, or entering into partnerships for contract manufacturing or other arrangements while protecting and building your IP? If so, you’re in good company turning to us. The same is true when patent, trademark or other IP licensing, or an IP-driven merger or acquisition is a key component of your growth strategy.

Harness IP is in the business of solving your IP problems so you can stay focused on your company. It is far too easy for the IP centric actions of others to distract you from your business. Is a competitor infringing your patents, trademarks or copyrights, or hiring away key employees in an attempt to gain access to your trade secrets?  Is a competitor or someone else wrongfully accusing you of such activities?  We are experienced in handling IP disputes that face consumer products companies in virtually every forum, including litigation in state and federal court, or at the International Trade Commission (ITC), invalidity trials at the USPTO (ex parte reexamination, inter partes review, etc.), and mediation or arbitration proceedings.

Harness IP attorneys have held leadership IP positions at global Fortune 50 companies. Partners at the Firm have served as lead in house intellectual property counsel for global consumer products businesses at companies such as Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. We have decades of first-hand business experience making the IP decisions you face within a global business context. Helping to keep us close to these business focused roots, Harness IP is an active member of the Intellectual Property Owners Association.