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Harness IP delivers a full range of intellectual property related legal counsel for the electrical, computer, IoT and internet industries.

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Harness IP’s clients look to the electrical engineers, computer engineers and computer scientists on our team for advice and protection for their high tech related products and services.  Clients appreciate our trained technical abilities and practical approach to portfolio management, particularly when it comes to complicated and interconnected technologies.  We communicate effectively with inventors and engineers on technology related issues, as well as business owners and stakeholders on the commercialization of such technology.

The world has become more connected than ever, and electrical, computer and internet technologies are leading the way.  Harness IP has the technical expertise to navigate clients involved in cutting edge technologies and emerging tech market segments.

In the growing market for Internet of things (IoT) devices, for example, our attorneys have experience prosecuting and protecting patents that provide connected solutions for both daily life and advanced business needs.  The IP experts at Harness IP have helped numerous businesses successfully grow and monetize IP portfolios built around network connected devices, vehicles, consumer appliances and beyond.  We understand that when it comes to IoT technology, intellectual property solutions are at the forefront of a business’s needs — and we have the knowledge necessary to achieve our clients’ goals.

A sampling of IoT technologies for which the firm has filed patent applications includes:

  • Connected cars and automotive IoT
    • Self-driving autonomous vehicles
    • Telematics
    • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication
    • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication
    • Vehicle-to Everything (V2X) communication
  • Smart home automation
    • Appliances
    • HVAC
    • Home security
    • Lighting
    • Thermostats

We are your high tech legal experts.  Our clients range from recognized industry leaders to consumer electronics companies to innovative start-ups.  Our attorneys are valued for hitting the ground running with a full understanding of the technological and business issues at stake.  With more than 100 intellectual property professionals, we offer a deep well of technological understanding and practical business sense.  Our attorneys work together to handle all projects, no matter how daunting, to deliver comprehensive legal solutions pertaining to patent prosecution, litigation, interferences, due diligence, licensing, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, to name only a few.  Our team includes registered patent attorneys and patent agents, all with diverse technical backgrounds and advanced degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, industrial engineering and physics, to help you manage your technological patent portfolio.

Our lawyers regularly practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, devoting a significant amount of time to procuring patents on behalf our clients in Ex Parte and Inter Partes Review proceedings.  We are also called upon to conduct IP audits, and show our clients how to create and carry out domestic and international IP protection strategies.  We further help our clients design around and navigate the mine fields of existing patent portfolios and operate freely in the marketplace.  We are committed to aggressive protection of our clients’ intellectual property, and have extensive litigation experience in federal and state courts and before government agencies and international dispute resolution forums.  Our litigators have a full range of IP understanding, as many both prosecute and defend IP claims.

We never lose sight of maximizing and protecting our client’s IP assets.  Our sophistication, responsiveness and dedication to working within the parameters of each client’s time frame and budget allow us to remain as counsel of choice for electrical, computer and internet ventures seeking to leverage their IP assets while avoiding risk.  We further recognize that getting and enforcing intellectual property rights and building IP portfolios is a global process, particularly for these industries.  We work through our offices and use a network of foreign contacts and international attorneys to procure and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights world-wide.