Matthew J. Schutte

Associate / St. Louis Metro Office

Matt proactively develops successful strategies to leverage his engineering background and prior experiences to best serve his clients. He prioritizes bringing clients’ ideas to life and protecting their intellectual property, through effective patent prosecution. Applying his strong engineering background, Matt works to ensure that his clients are prepared and informed as they progress through the patent prosecution process.

While still in law school, Matt worked for a summer at the USPTO; he gained valuable experience working under a patent examiner and by writing office actions, performing prior art searches, and learning effective means of patent prosecution.

Prior to attending law school, Matt worked as a test engineer for an international diesel manufacturer where he tested a new product both in customer vehicles and controlled test cells. Matt worked to ensure that new product met the customer’s needs based on various applications.



Outside of the office, Matt enjoys hiking with his dogs and partner. Matt enjoys traveling and is a runner.


J.D., University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law, 2023

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2018