Michael W. Doell (Mike)

Associate / St. Louis Metro Office

Mike’s passion for understanding, creating, and improving processes has shaped his career as a patent attorney. An engineer and a gaming enthusiast, Mike brings a unique understanding of the value of protected intellectual property to a wide range of clients. He grasps the nuances and necessity of protecting all facets of today’s most compelling digital products and services, from virtual sales presentations and their sensitive content to interactable media production and its multilayered content structures.  

Mike’s litigation experience enables him to anticipate the challenges his clients’ intellectual property will face once in the marketplace. He has a full appreciation of the “Wild West” nature of emerging virtual industries and works diligently to ensure his clients are protected at all levels, from patent infringement claims to licensing and copyright ownership matters. 

  • Represented plaintiffs in a variety of patent infringement cases surrounding the lighting and shading of graphical models in 3D video games, up to and including trial in the Eastern District of Texas.
  • Represented plaintiffs in a variety of patent infringement cases concerning virtual image patents, leading to favorable settlements of claims and licensing of the patents.
  • Represented the assignee in the transfer of patent ownership rights via contract and assignment recordation before the USPTO.
  • Drafted an appellate brief for the Missouri Court of Appeals.

Mike’s interest in the complexities of digital and virtual content allows him to provide valuable counsel to clients who rely on protected intellectual property to fuel their businesses. He knows that matters are rarely as simple as they first seem. His engineering background, coding experience and overall knowledge of digital production help him better advocate for patent protection and create enforceable frameworks for future matters.

Mike earned his undergraduate degree in engineering management with an emphasis on mechanical engineering. Always fascinated by systems and how they work, he discovered that law provides abundant opportunities to improve processes across a wide range of industries. His passion for gaming and online interfaces led him to specialize in IP-focused litigation and patent protection. He sees an increased use of, and dependence on, protected digital intellectual property by clients in sectors such as gaming, sales, music, and online content creation.

Mike also is an avid sports fan, cheering on St. Louis Cardinals and Blues and the Dallas Stars. He plays trumpet and baritone and enjoys scuba diving.


J.D., University of Missouri School of Law, 2020

B.S., Engineering Management, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2017

Bar & Court Admissions



U.S Patent and Trademark Office

U.S. Federal Court of Appeals:

  • Federal Circuit

U.S. Federal District Courts:

  • S.D. New York
  • E.D. North Carolina
  • E.D. Texas
  • N.D. Texas